With a population of one billion, the Indian Sub Continent is vast, with the many different regions and states famed for their own particular style of cooking. The food of India is extremely diverse, as the ingredients, spices and cooking methods vary hugely from region to region. The Indian Catering industry is therefore just as diverse. Indian catering companies, such as ours, offer a variety of different cuisines. Identifying the regions is a simple way to describe in general the best-known cuisines of India.

Starting from the North, Punjabi food is famous for the popular Tandoori style of cooking. Meats, vegetables and breads are cooked in a coal-fired clay oven, which gives each item a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Then we have Gujarati cuisine which is chiefly vegetarian; pulses are a very important source of protein. Usually the meal is served in a ‘thali’ – a tray containing a number of small bowls in which the various specialties are placed. A typical thali meal consists of two types of vegetable, a dahl (lentil dish), rice, a bread and a sweet dish.

Moving on South and in contrast to Gujaratis, Maharashtrians enjoy meat and fish in their diets. On the eastern coast, seafood is a traditional part of an evening meal for the people of Bengal. Fish is a staple item in the diet of Bengalis.

On the southernmost tip of India, Keralan cuisine consists of meat, fish and vegetables flavoured with a specific blend of spices and ingredients, which give the dishes a sweet and spicy flavour. Coconut and rice are staple ingredients in Keralan food.

Many Asian Caterers will offer a specialize cuisine whether it is Punjabi or Gujarati or Keralan.

As established and experienced Indian catering company, Sitara Indian Restaurants can offer a variety of cuisines. The catering section in this website has been organized in such a way as to make it as simple as possible for our guests to identify the different types of Indian catering and the multi-cuisine dining options offered by Sitara Indian Restaurants.

Our home delivery service at SITARA is provided by a dedicated motorbike fleet of delivery dispatchers. All orders are delivered directly to your door within 30 to 45 minutes depending on the area and access to the destination. Our delivery cuisine is carefully packaged in insulated, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, air-tight carry bags to ensure the optimum temperature of the food is maintained at all times so that our home diners can enjoy only the freshest Indian cuisine exactly as you would expect to have served at the table in the restaurant.

Home delivery is provided free of additional cost within a 15 kilometre radius of Seminyak. For Sanur, Jimbaran, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Canggu a minimum order charge applies.

If you are in a rush and dont have time to sit in and dine with your beloved-heres an idea for you! Why dont you simply surprise them with one of our many gourmet delights! Sitara provides its delectable Indian dishes prepared from the choicest of fresh herbs in a special Take Away option! Just drive through and get your order packed within no time.

At SITARA, we believe in the saying “food should be such that touches upon the heart & soul”. Every bite that you take should enrich your taste buds and take you towards new horizons of pleasure. That is why we make sure that the aroma and feel of your order should remain intact. When you open your Take Away box your meal will look and taste just like it would in our restaurant.

Your order is packaged carefully in well insulated, organic boxes that are not only air tight but quite easy to carry as well! And you don’t have to wait much either-our efficient staff prepares everything afresh, making sure each and every dish comes out just perfect but on time!

Our take away facility is available at all our 3 branches i.e.

Sitara Surabaya
Sitara Denpasar
Sitara Ubud

Choose from our extensive array of gourmet Indian dishes. Try our carefully prepared Murgh (chicken), Ghosht (lamb) and Samudree (fish and prawns). For our vegetarian diners we offer classic Indian dishes made from fresh vegetables out of our bageeche (garden).

Enjoy Sitara dining experiencing right at your home or office now! Just hop on to any of our 3 locations and TAKE AWAY your order!

We promise you it will be worth it. Just revel in the Indian food delights available at the number one Indian restaurant chain in Bali-Sitara.